"Bringing landscape photography to life"

Timelapse photography has fascinated me for years and is where the wandering part of CineWanderer originated. The very nature of the process and how it shows us our world in a way our eyes cannot see is extraordinary. Using the latest technologies from Dynamic Perception and Emotimo, three axis motion timelapse has never looked better!

CWP began shooting timelapse many years ago in the Scottish Highlands, capturing the clouds as they rolled over majestic mountain tops. Since those days in the Highlands, timelapse has become a tasty ingredient of most films we make, from cityscapes and event coverage to tourism and construction projects. All that aside though, for us the places where timelapse is most remarkable remain far away from the artificial lights of man, in total silence, at stunning locations, and under nothing but the milky way - Wilderness camping is where timelapse photography truly comes to life. 

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